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About TechnologyLab

IT Support Experts In The North West And London Areas.

Technologylab has been providing expert IT support to small and medium businesses since 2002.

We believe every organisation should have access to dependable, affordable IT support and the same proactive technology used by the larger enterprises.

We are a team of enthusiastic IT professionals (without the geek speak), dedicated and personable.

Justin Tomkinson, Director
Technologylab Ltd

We have found over the years, that many of the small and medium businesses we speak to all share a common set of frustrations when it comes to their IT and support vendor.

Response to support request is slow.

Staff not being productive because of poor IT.

Problems not been fixed right the first time and requiring additional visits to correct.

And the resulting bills they get are always a surprise.

What’s worse and potentially dangerous to their business is that most problems lie hidden without them being aware of it:

Their backups are bad or incomplete making them vulnerable to data loss.

Hidden viruses, spyware and hackers lurking under the hood.

They are robbed or productivity because of niggles and failures that could easily be prevented.

Any of the above can be extremely costly and catastrophic if they are not taken care of properly. I usually find that because of poor experience with IT support in the past, business owners view their computer system as necessary evil rather than an important asset and it shouldn’t be this way.

Do you have between 5-70 employees and want to experience a better way?


Please give us a call. We’d love the opportunity to explore whether or not we’re a good fit for each other and if so, how we can help improve your business IT so it can start serving you better and ultimately saving you money rather than costing you.

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