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Microsoft Hosted Exchange Email

Cloud Based Microsoft Exchange Email Backed By SLA And Starting From Just £2.99 Per User.


Business email has come a long way in a short period. You no longer need an expensive server and software to get all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange email. Now you can have all the functionality of Microsoft Exchange, yet none of the expensive drawbacks of having it in-house. Your email, calendar, contacts and tasks are all accessible from any internet enabled device. You’ll always be connected. You just pay a monthly fee for the amount of users you have. Your monthly bill can be increased or reduced as staff come and go.

Experience true enterprise, cloud email with Utility pricing. With Hosted Exchange email from Microsoft you get:

Microsoft Exchange

Unlimited Mailbox Size

No more bounced emails due to a full mailbox!


All emails are screened for viruses and spam before reaching your mailbox.

Full Collaboration Features

Shared mailboxes, tasks, calendars and contacts.

Mobile Access

Access email from your phone, tablet or any internet enabled device.

Business Continuity

Continue sending and receiving emails even if your office internet is down.


Peace of mind that are emails are stored and backed up externally.

Cost Effective

You don’t have to pay for servers, software and storage, just for the amount of users you have.

Should you consider a move to Hosted Email?

Every company can potentially benefit from a move to Office 365 but whether it is right for you will depend on several factors.


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