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Switch To Better IT Support For Your Business

Tired of frustrating IT problems that cost your business money?


As a small or medium business, IT problems and downtime costs your business money. It can also be frustrating if you don’t have the support you need or are not getting the support you expect and pay for.


Slow response times, problems not been fixed right the first time, paying to fix the same ongoing problems, staff sat around not being productive, confused with tech jargon, do these sound familiar?


If so you are not alone. Almost every business owner or manager we talk to says that IT support is one of their biggest headaches. They say they are constantly distracted from managing the business to deal with missing email, slow computers, unreliable internet and staff complaining they are unable to do their jobs because of bad IT Support.


At Technologylab we will act as your IT department taking care of all your technology. We have created our businesscare support service for these very reasons with the goal of keeping your IT working so you can keep as much of your hard earned profits as possible.

Get Help Fast


If your staff can’t perform their job because their computer is down or they can’t access their email, you’re losing productivity and money.


We often hear of situations where a business has been waiting more than a day to have an issue fixed. Technologylab offers a triple guaranteed service which includes a response time to any problems you have logged with us so your never left high and dry.

No More Surprise Bills/Flat Rate


Empower your staff to call for support when they need it.


Traditionally your staff would either call the IT support desk to log faults which resulted in unexpected support bills or they would have to request permission from someone in authority to get support. With a managed fixed fee service, this barrier is removed so staff can log support requests whenever they need it.

Peace Of Mind


Are you confident your network is protected from hackers, viruses, data loss?


Whilst your systems may appear ok on the face of it, under the hood and behind the scenes there could be all sorts of gremlins. Out of date virus software, backups not running, hard drive on the server about to fail are just an example of how what can happen if there are no alerts to warn you.

The BusinessCare service from Technologylab monitors your systems for any inaccuracies and resolves them before they impact your business. Sometimes we even fix problems without you even noticing!

Productive Staff


There are a myriad of problems that can happen which make it impossible to budget your IT spend if you leave your network to chance.


You never know when a problem is going to rear its ugly head in a reactive support approach. Also, too often businesses experience the same ongoing problems because their IT guy has put a band aid on the problem rather than fixing it correctly. All this means your staff can’t do their jobs you are paying them to do and you are paying a tech to fix the IT issue. Our BusinessCare service is a ‘Fixed Fee’ support contract so you know exactly how much you’re spending.

Guaranteed Service


Take the worry and guesswork out of choosing a new IT company.


We are good at what we do so why not provide a guarantee. Technologylab provides a triple guaranteed service which we hope will help you and give you some peace of mind when selecting a new support company. Contact us for more details on this.


If you run a business in the North West And London areas and are fed up with the quality of IT support you are receiving from your current provider, Technologylab can offer solutions and service that will help.

Alongside our support we have great services.